Service & Tech

Statistical Analysis
  1. Biostatistics service conrents

    Offer comments to the Chinese Biostatistics Society as an authority, and participate in data standard setting, quality and biostatistics related projects of CFDA

    Communicate with the drug supervision administration in terms of statistics

    Clinical trial design and consulting

    Provide statistical support for the study protocol

    Calculate the sample size/power

    Randomizing scheme and coding

    Make statistical analysis plans

    Prepare templates of statistical tables, forms and lists

    Statistical programming

    Generate data analysis set

    Generate tables, forms and lists (TFLs)

    Interim analysis and statistical support for the Data Monitoring Committee

    Comprehensive summary and analysis of safety and effectiveness

    Statistical analysis report

    Statistical support for the clinical study report

    Statistical support for registration application

    Statistical support for journals of various therapeutic fields, conference materials, posters and manuscripts

2. Serbice team

Tigermed-Jyton CREC has a team which is sensitive to data, has a strong research design background, is good at data management, statistical analysis and medical evaluation of drugs and devices, and is especially experienced in protocol designm data management, statistical analysis and medical evaluation for medical devices. The team can provide professional and high-qyakuty sercuces ub ckubucak truak data management, biostatistics and medical evaluation for domestic and foreign clients.

CREC has a close cooperation with the Data Management and Biostatistics Department of the group.Based on a perfect management system and standard operating procedures, CREC has passed the audit of 60+ clients at home and abroad, and completed 900+projects for more than 400 clients at home and abroad by far.

3. Adbantages of the biostatistics team

The team has many international statistics professionals. The team members maintain low turnover and high growth.

Senior statisticians have an average work experience of nearly 10 years in this field.

The team is good at providing medical and statistical support for device application in the U.S.,Europe, China and other countries and regions.

The team has rich project experience. Hundreds of projects have passed the review and evaluation.