Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Release date: March 14, 2024
Effective date: March 14, 2024
Beijing Tigermed-Jyton Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Tigermed-Jyton") is responsible for processing your personal information on this website.
Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, which describes how we collect personal information about your visit to this website (" Personal Data "), how we collect, use, store, provide, protect your personal information and what rights you have.
This Privacy Policy is effective as of March 14, 2024 and will remain in effect until updated.

1. Users
By using our website, you agree and accept to provide Tigermed-Jyton with information that can directly or indirectly identify you (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information" or "Personal Data"), and to collect, process and store such information in the territory of China.
If you are located in the European Union or the European Economic Area and have provided your personal information through our website, you have the right to obtain any accurate information about the processing of your personal information by Tigermed-Jyton in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (" GDPR ") and to exercise your rights under the GDPR.

2. What personal information we collect about you
Tigermed-Jyton collects and processes your personal information as follows:
a)   Through the "Contact Us - Business Enquiry" and "Subscribe to Receive Tigermed-Jyton’s Regulatory Newsletter" sections, we may collect information such as your name, email, contact number, company, title, country, etc., through online forms
b)   If you have any concerns about Tigermed-Jyton's business activities and related matters, you can contact us through the "Contact Us – Business Enquiry" section, you can fill in the online form to report the concerns, we may collect such as your name, telephone number, email address and other personal information;
c)   If you contact us by email, telephone or other written form, Tigermed-Jyton will retain your relevant information.
In addition to the above information, Tigermed-Jyton also collects information generated by users while browsing the website through the tracking system, such information includes: Your device information, including user IP address or other identifiers, device location, browser information, operating system information, and information about your Internet history, including pages and files viewed, searches, operating system and system configuration information, and date/time stamps related to your use, may qualify as personal information. This information is used to analyze overall trends, to help us provide and improve our products and services, and to guarantee their safety and continued normal operation. For details, please see Section 4.

3. How do we use your personal information
Tigermed-Jyton stores and processes personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose for which it was first collected and no more than is necessary for the purpose of data processing. When your personal information no longer needs to be processed, Tigermed-Jyton will ensure that your personal information is processed or deleted in a secure manner. Tigermed-Jyton has used industry-standard security measures to protect the Personal Information you provide from accidental, illegal or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, modification, access, disclosure or use.
Tigermed-Jyton processes your personal information on legitimate grounds, including:
a)   Necessary to conclude and perform a contract with you;
b)   You agree that your personal information is processed for one or more specific purposes;
c)   Processing is based on the necessary pursuit of the legitimate interests of Tigermed-Jyton, and this interest does not conflict with your pursuit of interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.
Tigermed-Jyton uses your personal information for the following purposes:
a)   Personalize your experience on our site;
b)   To provide you with our services (we use your personal information in order to conclude a contract with you; To answer your concerns; Introduce our products or business, etc.)
c)   Reply to emails you send to us;
d)   Analyzing your usage of our website so that Tigermed-Jyton can continuously improve the website and your user experience;
If you have any concerns about Tigermed-Jyton's compliance, Tigermed-Jyton will contact you using the contact information you left behind.
If Tigermed-Jyton is processing personal information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and request Tigermed-Jyton to delete any information about you. For details, please see Section 11.

4. Cookies
When you visit our website, we use Cookies and web beacons to record our performance and the use of the website. A Cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies can only be sent to your computer's hard drive if you use your computer to access our website. Cookies are often used to record the habits and preferences of visitors to various items on our website. The data collected by Cookies is anonymous collective statistical data and does not contain personal data. Cookies cannot be used to obtain data on your hard drive, your email address, or your personal data. When you re-visit our website, you can avoid the step of re-registration. Most browsers accept Cookies by default. You can choose to set your browser not to accept Cookies or to notify you if Cookies are installed. However, if Cookies are disabled, you may not be able to launch or use certain features of our website.
If you do not prohibit or remove cookies, each time you use the same computer to access our website, our web server will notify us that you have visited our website, we will then identify you and access your registration data and payment data, collect information about usage, market research, travel progress and participation in promotional activities.
You can change the browser Settings on the computer you use to access our website to decide whether to accept cookies. If you wish, you can change the Settings on the browser. If you place your preferences on your browser, you can accept all cookies, receive notifications from cookies, and even reject all cookies. However, if you choose not to use cookies or reject all cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use or launch certain features of our website, or you may be required to log in to your data again.

5. Sharing or disclosure of personal information
In order to ensure the security of your personal information, we promise that all sharing and disclosure is limited to your necessary personal information and is subject to this privacy Statement; If we want to change the purpose of the use and processing of personal information, we will again seek your consent. At the same time, we will strictly comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations on cross-border data transmission.
We may share or disclose your personal information to the following third parties:
l  With your express consent, we will share or disclose your personal information with other parties.
l  We may share some of your personal information with third party providers who operate our website.
If we sell or divest our business or part of our business and your personal data is related to that part of our business, or if we merge with another business, we will share your personal data with the new owner or merger partner of that business;
Tigermed-Jyton will share the data we collect with law enforcement and other government agencies if required to do so by law.
In such cases, Tigermed-Jyton will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of safety appropriate to the risks and to prevent any unauthorized or illegal handling, accidental destruction, loss or damage by third parties or affiliates.

6. Cross-border transfer of personal information
In principle, the personal information we collect and generate in the People's Republic of China will be stored in the People's Republic of China. However, in order to unify the operations and management of the Group, we may transfer your personal information to, or receive access from, foreign jurisdictions. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country in which the information was originally collected. If you are located in the European Economic Area and Tigermed-Jyton transfers your information to a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA), Tigermed-Jyton will take appropriate measures to protect such information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
The personal information protection laws of the countries or regions to which we transfer data may differ from the laws of the PRC. When we transfer your personal information outside of China, we will take appropriate measures to protect your personal information, such as signing a data transfer agreement with the recipient that contains standard data protection provisions or passing a data exit security assessment, and fulfill the obligations of cross-border personal information transfer accordingly.
For information transmitted outside the European Economic Area, Tigermed-Jyton uses what are known as standard contractual clauses (SCC) to ensure appropriate and adequate protection.

7. Information on children
Tigermed-Jyton Website generally does not collect personal information from minors under the age of 18, and the website is not targeted at minors under the age of 18.
If a minor uses the products or services of the Tigermed-Jyton website, we will comply with the principle of minimum necessity and the principle of purpose limitation, and directly collect personal information of minors under the age of 14 from the parents or guardians, with the express consent of the parents or guardians.
If you are the guardian of a child under the age of 14, you should carefully read this Privacy Policy and the specific privacy protection statement of the product or service (if any) before helping the child to complete the registration and use of the website products or services so that the child can use the products or services provided by us.

8. Retention period of personal information
Tigermed-Jyton will store your personal information in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and industry practices in your region. Tigermed-Jyton will only store your personal information for the purposes described above.
We will always retain your personal information for as long as required by law and as required in connection with legal proceedings or investigations involving Tigermed-Jyton. After the storage period of your personal information expires, except for personal information that must be stored for a longer period according to laws and regulations, we will delete or anonymize your personal information, make it inaccessible, and keep the relevant deletion or anonymization records.

9. Third-party websites
Tigermed-Jyton's website may provide links to third party websites in order to provide users with a more convenient and efficient experience. Tigermed-Jyton does not endorse any third party websites and is not responsible for the content, services provided, security or availability of such third party websites. At the same time, our website may use third party social media, such as wechat, which may collect your personal information and/or use Cookies. These third party websites are not subject to this privacy Policy, therefore, Tigermed-Jyton recommends that you read the privacy policies of such third party websites in detail when visiting such websites.

10. Safety
Tigermed-Jyton has used industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. We will take all reasonably practicable measures to protect your personal information.
However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online. In the event of any data breach, Tigermed-Jyton shall, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the measures we have taken or will take to deal with it, the suggestions you can independently prevent and reduce the risk, and the remedial measures for you. We will timely inform you of the relevant information of the incident by email, letter, telephone, push notification, etc. When it is difficult to inform the personal information subject one by one, we will take a reasonable and effective way to release the announcement.
Please keep in mind that although we will take all reasonable measures to protect the security of your personal information, due to the characteristics of the Internet environment, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of all your personal information, and we do not assume all responsibility for any unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your personal information to the reasonable extent of applicable law.

11. Your rights and requests
a)    Right to know
Tigermed-Jyton provides you with any information regarding the processing of your personal data through this Privacy Policy. In addition, you may also obtain any information about the processing of your personal data from Tigermed-Jyton through the contact details set out in Section 13 of this Privacy Policy.
b)    Data access rights
You have the right to obtain a copy of the processing of your personal information free of charge from Tigermed-Jyton.
c)   Right of correction
You have the right to request Tigermed-Jyton to correct your inaccurate personal information in a timely manner. Taking into account the purposes of processing, you should have the right to complete incomplete personal data, including by providing a supplementary declaration.
d)   Right to delete (Right to be forgotten)
You have the right to request that Tigermed-Jyton delete your personal information on the following grounds:
l  the purpose of the processing has been achieved, cannot be achieved, or is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing;
l  We no longer provide you with products or services, or the retention period has expired;
l  You have withdrawn your consent;
l  We process your personal information in violation of laws, administrative regulations or agreements;
l  other circumstances provided for by laws and administrative regulations;
If the storage period prescribed by laws and administrative regulations has not expired, or if it is technically difficult to delete your personal information, we will stop processing it except for storage and taking necessary security measures.
e)   Limit the right to dispose
You have the right to request restrictions on the processing of your personal data by Tigermed-Jyton for the following reasons, and we will notify you before lifting the restrictions:
l  If you question the accuracy of your personal data, you have the right to request Tigermed-Jyton to restrict the processing of your personal data for the time required to verify the application and correct the data;
l  You believe that the processing by Tigermed-Jyton is illegal, but you object to the deletion of your personal data and have the right to request that the use of your personal data be restricted;
l  Your personal data is no longer required by Tigermed-Jyton for processing purposes, but is required by you to make, exercise or defend against legal claims.
f)   Right to portability
If you are located in the European Union/European Economic Area and when the GDPR applies, you have the right to obtain the personal data that you have provided to Tigermed-Jyton in a structured, universally available, machine-readable form and the right to make such data available to other controllers without restriction from Tigermed-Jyton. Tigermed-Jyton is not responsible for the data processing of such recipients.
g)   Right to object
You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal information by Tigermed-Jyton in certain circumstances, unless Tigermed-Jyton can prove that its legitimate interests outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or there is a strong legal basis for the establishment, exercise and defense of statutory claims.
h)   Right to withdraw consent
If Tigermed-Jyton processes personal information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the legality of data processing based on consent prior to withdrawal.
i)   Right to appeal
When you believe that your rights have been infringed, you have the right to bring a lawsuit to the people's court in accordance with the law.
You may exercise your above rights through the contact details in Section 13 of this Privacy Policy. Upon receipt of any request from you, Tigermed-Jyton will respond to any request you receive within 15 working days.

12. How can this Privacy Policy be updated
By Posting a new Privacy Policy on this website, we may change or update this Privacy Policy from time to time.
We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent.We will post any changes we make to this policy on this page.
13. Contact us
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy or Tigermed-Jyton's data protection, please contact us

Beijing Tigermed-Jyton Co., LTD.

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