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Tigermed-Jyton, as a subsidiary of Tigermed, synergizes with the Group to create an innovative ecosystem that empowers the entire industry chain, committed to solving the most challenging global health problems and meeting the unmet medical needs of patients. 

In human resource management, Tigermed-Jyton attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture and constantly innovates the human resource management mode, including implementing talent development strategies and fostering an equal, open, inclusive, and motivating work environment for employees.

In terms of employee training, we have established an endogenous talent training system, providing comprehensive training programs and smooth development channels for all employees. We provide training programs including Orientation Training for New Employees, Leadership Training, General Skills Training, Professional Skills Training, Professional Qualifications/Certificates Training, and Academic Education Program, with the objective of continually support employees to improve their professional skills, expand their career development paths, and realize their individual growth.

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